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An castrated male may be entered as Stud Dog in the Stud Dog Class and a spayed bitch may be entered as Brood Bitch in the Brood Bitch Class. Neutered dogs and spayed bitches would be allowed to compete in Veterans Classes only at independent specialties and/or those all-breed shows which do not offer any competitive classes beyond Best of Breed and they are also eligible for competition in Junior Showmanship and Obedience.


No entry may be changed or canceled unless notice of the change or cancellation is received in writing , by email or by telegram by the Superintendent or Show Secretary named in the premium list to receive entries, prior to the closing date and hour for entries.

Yes, in conformation classes only. Bitches in season are not eligible to be shown in Junior Showmanship or in any Obedience Trial.

Handler: Person 18 years old or older, other than the owner or co-owner, designated by the owner or co-owner of an entered dog to be the handler of, and the person responsible for, the dog at the event.

The exhibitor code is a five digit code, created by you, that must be included on your entry form if you wish to be able to make inquiries regarding an entry once it has left your hands. The entry form has a field allocated for inclusion. It is not mandatory on the written form but the Online Entry System requires it in order to access the entry system. The code is used as a unique key to each entry. If you choose not to provide an exhibitor code we will be unable to provide any answers in relation to the status of your entry.

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Frequency Asked Questions

No classes shall be provided for any dog under six months of age except at sanctioned matches when approved by The American Kennel Club, Open Shows and the Four-to-Six Month Puppy Competition. The Four-to-Six Month Puppy competition will be open to dogs that are at least four months of age but under six months on the day of the event. Classes will be offered for AKC recognized breeds and varieties as well as Miscellaneous and FSS breeds. Professional handlers are not permitted to exhibit in this class.

Entrants in the Four-to-Six Month Puppy class will compete for Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed. Group and Best in Show Puppy competition will also be offered.

Four-to-Six Month Puppy competition will take place in a separate ring(s) from the regular class judging in order to avoid delays in the judging of regular classes. Classes will not be divided by sex in this competition.

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